Training and License Validation

Before we set off on Safari, all pilots with non-South African licenses need to validate their foreign licenses, and participate in a comprehensive training course. 

This allows pilots to become familiar with our aircraft, as well as the techniques that are required for our Bushflying trips. 

License Validations:

This can be done in two ways, both of which we facilitate through our own ATO (Training Organisation). 

1 - One Year Validation that allows a pilot to fly as much as they like within a 1 Year period. This validation requires the pilot to write an online South African Air Law exam on arrival, as well as produce certified copies of their license, medical certificate, radio license, passport as well as logbook in addition to a passport photo and application form. 

2 - 28 day Validation, allowing pilots to fly on Safari for up to 28 Days, requiring no Air Law exam, but still requiring the paperwork mentioned above at least 60 days prior to departure on Safari.

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Bushflying Training Course

Most of our visiting pilots (vastly experienced GA, Ex-military or Airline Pilots) have never never done any form of real Bush Flying, never taken off from a rough dirt strip, or landed on a beach or backcountry road. Some have never flown a Light Sport Aircraft, and have not experienced the effects of density altitude on a hot African day at 6000ft. 

Our training course was developed by our CFI, Craig Lang, and covers the most important aspects of Bush and Back Country flying in detail. The training involves around 8-10 hours of Briefings, and 5-8 hours of flying, depending on the experience of the pilots in the group. 

The course includes chapters covering the following, and many more:

  • The Right Equipment for Bush Flying

  • Density Altitide

  • Short Field and Soft Field Ops

  • Advanced Techniques including Crosswind takeoffs and landings

  • Low Flying

  • Emergencies

  • Mountain and Canyon Flying

  • Parking and securing the Aircraft

  • Formation Flying

Each Pilot will be provided with a copy of our "Bush Flying Manual For Africa" prior to the course. 

All Training is conducted in-house through our Flying Frontiers ATO.