What we do on safari- explore off the beaten track!



At African Bushflying Safaris, our focus is on the experience of flying low and slow across Africa. This allows us to enjoy close encounters with Africa's wildlife, both from the air, and on the ground once we reach our destinations.

Safaris are designed to include the absolute highlights of southern Africa, from the Wild Coast of the Transkei, teaming with dolphins and whales, to the dry interior of the Karoo, with the arterial waters of the mighty Orange River flowing through, to the magnificent Big Game Parks of the north, we have safaris to suit every interest and budget.


On average, we fly 4 hours a day, stopping every hour or so at remote airfields or other exciting off-field locations, to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while stretching our legs and absorbing the sights and sounds of Africa.
The pace is slow to match the passage of time in Africa, and we savour each moment along the way.